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Time is money. You need efficiency. Let us worry about the details. Script It can improve the quality and clarity of your business’s written communications, such as marketing materials, reports, and emails. This can help to enhance your company’s reputation, increase credibility with customers and clients, and strengthen your brand image. Additionally, having a professional editor review your work can identify and correct errors and inconsistencies, ensuring that your writing is accurate and effective.

Script It saves you time and money, helping you focus your attention on other responsibilities. Achieve more with Script It.


Ensure Your Business Looks Its Best

Script Its editorial services offer high quality solutions to your business needs. Common mistakes and everyday errors undermine the image of your company. Simple mistakes become obvious and can damage your professional image or render a marketing campaign ineffective. The last thing you want customers to think is “If they can’t get this right, where else are they cutting corners?”. Mitigating this risk is a critical part of any business strategy.

Premium Editing

Proofread and revise for grammar, punctuation, word choice, and business efficient syntax

The benefits of having someone else edit your writing are well known. Leave this step to trusted professionals who are experienced in helping businesses put their best foot forward. Whether it’s policy documents, social media posts, or company announcements, small mistakes have loud voices. Premium editing is perfect for that final polish with a quick turnaround time. We help you look your best.

In-Depth Analysis

Premium Editing plus improvements to writing structure, presentation of details, flow, and formatting

The in-depth analysis is perfect for professional documents in the early stages of writing or if the writing just needs something more. All protocols are guided by formatting. Proper formatting and good writing takes time. Our professional editors give you time to be the professional in everything else. Be assured that your policy and vision will make a meaningful impact wherever it is seen.

Scientific Editing

Premium Editing plus scientific analysis by peer-reviewed authors and final review from a senior editor

Ideal for white papers and reports. Have a peer reviewed author review your manuscript prior to submission to an academic journal, executive board, or government agency. Our authors know how to maintain your company’s scientific integrity. Clear and concise writing is necessary when publishing. As objective reviewers, Script It’s editors can provide constructive feedback to help bolster your position and improve your impact statement.

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